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Join IMPRUVE Complaint# 16-0447 with FTA Office of Civil Rights on Pace

Paratransit riders and witnesses:  Weary of being stranded?  Picked up later than 20 minutes constantly?  Riding around for 2-3 hours instead of the 90 minute limit? Trip length not comparable to fixed route?  Is your complaint  about an incident that occurred within the last 6 months or 180 days? Are you weary of seeing a paratransit rider subjected to poor service?  Don't forget to file your paratransit complaint with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) OCR. Download the form at

All instructions are included at the site above or you can contact us.  
This is not a court case.  We are reporting violations of your civil rights under these laws meant to  protect your rights: 

 CFR 49, Sections 27, 37-39; ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act); Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1970; and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.

File with us or file your own complaint if you do not live in Illinois. Place complaint number on outside envelope and attached sheets that describe the incidents that have occurred in the last 180 days or 6 months. 

Place paratransit id (optional) on the form near your name or name of the certified paratransit rider. The FTA cannot fully investigate if the rider does not sign the form!!  The FTA cannot check your records timely to confirm what Pace has recorded vs. what you say in your complaint on separate sheets, if you do not include your id. 

Click on Contacts tab above for our information and hours.  We have limited hours as we are not fully staffed nor are we funded.  We are volunteers, but we are dedicated to paratransit advocacy and a rider-owned paratransit to begin in Chicago, spread t Ilinois, then happen nationally. Employment of people who are disabled is a priority, too, as are green lifestyles, Black issues, senior issues, human services, home services, community living, healthcare by choice, and housing issues through our parent company, BNICEH ("be nicer"), Black Network In Children's Emotional Health. 

Take the Illinois Paratransit Paratransit Opinion Poll here at  

Return to this page to Tell your Paratransit story on message part of Contact form or make a comment or suggestion.  See tabs above

Since Feb. 20, 2000, we have been the paratransit riders' voice and advocate on the front line, behind the scenes and wherever we were needed to support those who fight for disability rights. We are the original Paratranisit Minutemen.

IMPRUVE needs volunteers now!  HELP!!!

A custom car version of proposed green car powered by solar energy in which solar panes can be installed and nanotechnology used to add doors to satisfy any city's requirement that a NEV (vehicle) have doors.  Working on the issue of wheelchair ramps for passengers and drivers in larger vehicles.  Calling for help from rehab and mechanical engineers. See archives at

Dr. Ayo Maat, Kerry Washington, Jeanette Exom. Guess where?


ISPC at  Disability Pride Parade Lineup with ADAPT, IMPRUVE:  Wm Owens, Anne Scheetz, Susan Aarup, Maat and others July 23, 2016

Voice for Transportation Rights

We do everything we can to ensure that riders of accessible vehicles such as paratransit, wheelchair taxis and non-emergency vehicles such as Medicars know their rights and become a voice for their transportation rights in Illinois and across the nation.  

IMPRUVE relies on donations from patrons  and dues from members as it is independently funded, mainly self-funded.  We do not receive government grants or large donations from private foundations. We rely on volunteers to help with our projects and a volunteer board of directors to oversee our mission, policy and values.

We are generally proactive instead of reactive, but do attend or sponsor actions to call to the public's attention any discrimination, bias or unequal treatment of those we serve, and will rally to stop protest abusive services on paratransit or in human services. 

We assist our members who are paratransit riders or refer them for help with certification of their paratransit, filing FTA (Federal Transit Administration) complaints, inquiries, and complaints with Pace customer service in Illinois on carrier violations of agreements or contracts.  We also refer them to their local human relations, state human rights department or Protection and Advocacy office..

We partner with wheelchair taxi drivers and providers, and Medicar providers to advocate for Congress to sponsor the Congressional Transit Summit on Paratransit, Wheelchair Taxis and Medicars. 

Congressman Janice Schakowsky (IL-9) has already agreed to co-sponsor.  One of our tasks is to get more Congressmen on board and to schedule a pre-Summit meeting to plan the agenda and dates with the Planning Committee established by Rep. Schakowsky.   Dr. Ayo Maat, CEO and President of IMPRUVE  coordinates the Planning Committee and works under the auspices of Chief of Staff Cathy Hurwit and Staff Aide Brian Laughlin for Rep. Schakowsky. 

We partner with or support the work of: 

NPPMA (National Paratransit People's Movement Assembly)

Green Think Tank for the Disability Community

AYLP (Advocacy, Youth, Leadership, Power)


Alliance for Community Services

NDLA (National Disability Leadership Alliance)

Independent Voices of the Disabled

Taskforce for Attendant Services

DAWNN (Disabled Advocates Want Work Now)


Power to the People

Not Dead Yet

Access Living (Chicago's Independent Living Center)

Progress Center for Independent Living

21st Century Classroom (Sy Bounds' digital classroom and video training center)

CDAA (Chicago Digital Access Alliance)

Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center

Ibeji Resource Center

Through these formal and informal partnerships on special projects related to human services, rallies or shared resources, and friendly relationships with various consumer advocates, drivers and providers across the nation, we seek to improve transportation for persons who are disabled;. 

To this end, we document their needs; "put the human back in human services;" ensure that Information Technology is usable by the disability community and seniors; and provide green living tools for dining, health, housing, employment, financial services, and transportation. 

IMPRUVE uses the financial services of NorthSide Community Federal Credit Union, because it is green, disability-friendly and founded by 8 women who could not get big bank loans. NorthSide is federally insured and community-based. 

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!