WE WILL NOT BE SILENT                          
   Like an oak we bend, but do not break


Rider-Driver Alliance

Moves to Unite 

Paratransit Riders and Drivers Again 

Next Meeting:  Monday September 11, 2017 

5:30-7:30 pm at

Access Living 115 W. Chicago Ave.

Register at 773-416-7366 

To File federal complaint or complaint with 

OEIG (Office of Executive Inspector General in Illinois for RTA, CTA, Metra, Pace), contact us 

More information:

We are part of the Paratransit Coalition 

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National Giving Months: We Need Your Help

New Giving Days Extended through December 2017


GIVE TO IMPRUVE OR BNICEH.  Or Buy A Carson Book for up to $500 in savings from IMPRUVE at Ford City carson or Call Cece 773-544-9488 or Jeanette 773-703-8412 to buy or sell books at your home, church, center or to friends. KEEP THE PARATRANSIT MOMENTUM GOING FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT HAVE GOOD SERVICE.

To Donate to IMPRUVE or BNICEH  for Giving  Day or Any Day - Click Yellow Donate button for PayPal - See  below to pay by credit or debit card or check.  You Can Also Pay Dues by PayPal. Just call us at 773-916-6228 or 773-703-8412 to pay dues by gift to PayPal at our acct:  Have  heart. Showyour Love. Show your philanthropy. GIVE.

To volunteer, request volunteer application.  Can receive here Call 773-544-9488 or CLICK Contacts Tab above to email or CLICK COMMENTS Tab to leave a comment

We are a family of paratransit riders working with volunteers, paratransit drivers, and are the foundng host of the Rider-Driver Alliance.  We host an informational booth at the Chicago Disability Pride Parade every July. We plan to  rebuild the Rider-Driver Alliance (RDA)  in 2017 and beginning 2018, include CTA riders who are disabled and CTA bus and rail workers from ATU 241 &  308.  Then wheelchair drivers. Supported by CDAC (Chicago Disability Activism Colecetive), IMPRUVE has been collecting signatures on its petition for Better Paratransit. 

Better Paratransit Petition targets in Illinois, not just the governor, MOPD (Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities), 

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Our Mission Statement is found on the Page titled "About."  See tab above left under the healing hands on our banner header above. Click there for Mission statement and to learn Why Us (why we do this, why you should donate to us, why you should volunteer for us, why you should join our board of directors or advisory board).  

Board Meetings
The joint board of IMPRUVE and BNICEH meet on the 1st Tuesday of every month at Access Living unless announced otherwise. Closed to non-directors unless you are invited. The Executive Committee meets occasionally with chairpersons of committees and departments and at least annually the advisors meet with the CEO-president.

File Federal Civil Rights Complaints - No Penalty (see below)
Help provided  by phone or  come to meeting
Wed. November 30, 2016  at Access Living
IMPRUVE meeting in Conference Room C- 2nd floor
1:30 -4:30 pm

Jobs- Employment 
 IMPRUVE Project:  Rider-Driver Alliance
Organizer Jobs Closed 12-15-16
Apply for organizer jobs online.  Two organizers needed for January-Dec. 2017.  Stipend: at $15 an hour, 8 hours per week for 50 weeks.  Send application with resume, agreement (request agreement for internship).
Click link below to apply.  Organizer Jobs Closed 12-15-16.

Temp Position - IMPRUVE
Administrative Assistant INTERNSHIP AVAILABLE
- small stipend  APPLY NOW!! Call  773-916-6228 
Position reopened 12-5-2016.  If closed, will still take your application for future positions or to volunteer.  Send application and resume to:
If hired, will require you  to sign internship agreement.

Temp Position - IMPRUVE
Data Entry-Internet Research Volunteers Needed Work At Home or School for 2 Weeks.  $50 Stipend Or Work Study . H.S. Students Ok. Enter Resources that we will contact for our Spring Wellness Fair. Do Mail Merge. Closes Feb. 18, 2017. 5 People Needed. Two accepted as of 2-13-17. Call 773-916-6228 or 708-262-2804. Or email:

IMPRUVE - Temp or permanent Volunteer Position
 No Stipend, No Pay, But Incentives (such as free massage or  facial, free entry to Spring Wellness Fair  April 8, 2017) 
Volunteer to Run errands, Assist PWDs, Usher, Setup, Breakdown Tables, Chairs at Spring Wellness prior to and day of  Spring Wellness Fair At KKC 740 W. 63rd St Chicago 60621 Call 708-262-2804 or 773-916-6228 or email:

Trouble with Poor Paratransit Service

Join IMPRUVE Complaint# 16-0447 with FTA Office of Civil Rights - Complaint on Pace paratransit services

Join Rider-Driver Alliance. Sign up for leadership development training. Make an appointment 1-0n-1 interview with Ryan McGraw  313-414-3336 or Dr. Ayo Maat 773-416-7366. Email:

Since Feb. 20, 2000, we have been the paratransit riders' voice and advocate on the front line, behind the scenes and wherever we were needed to support those who fight for disability rights. We are the original Paratranisit Minutemen.

IMPRUVE needs volunteers now!  HELP!!!

A custom car version of proposed green car powered by solar energy in which solar panes can be installed and nanotechnology used to add doors to satisfy any city's requirement that a NEV (vehicle) have doors.  Working on the issue of wheelchair ramps for passengers and drivers in larger vehicles.  Calling for help from rehab and mechanical engineers. See archives at

Dr. Ayo Maat, Kerry Washington, Jeanette Exom. Guess where?


ISPC at  Disability Pride Parade Lineup with ADAPT, IMPRUVE:  Wm Owens, Anne Scheetz, Susan Aarup, Maat and others July 23, 2016